Fast User Switching back to other than first-logged-in user

Fast User Switching back to other than first-logged-in user

Post by UmF5SE » Tue, 11 Nov 2008 05:29:01

After Windows reboot, having logged on 1st and 2nd user, can switch back to
1st user but then attempt to switch back to 2nd user gives
indows cannot switch accounts. Please try switching again. If this message
continues to appear, you will need to restart your computer This symptom affects every user logged on after the 1st user log on, and
persists regardless of number of retries.

More info:
Symptom the same even when order of user log on changed, so is not user
specific and not user-type specific (i.e. can affect both Admin and Limited).
Symptom persists across PC reboot.

Home Edition 2002, Service Pack 3

Already checked:
FUS, TS and RPC services all started
\CurrentVersion\Winlogon has AllowMultipleTSSessions and LogonType both = 1

Symptom occurred recently. Before that, was switching ok. May relate to
infection of Infostealer.banker.C. This Trojan had appended
C\WINDOWS\system32\twext.exe to Winlogon key Userinit, which I manually
removed to allow login. Subsequent full scan of Norton AV detected and
removed the Trojan.

Grateful for any advice.


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This is what I do in order for this problem to occur.
1. After signing in on my user account, i click log off.
2. I select switch use
3. I log in using the only other accoun
4. I click on the log off button and click switch users on the current accoun
5. I switch to the 1st account I was talking about, then all the sudden the wallpaper gets removed and a solid blue wallpaper goes in place of it.

Maybe this could have something to do with stylexp, a Windows XP theme program. I hope the xptheme.dll that it changed isn't causing this problem. Someone please help. Thanks.

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