Dual Administrator Access / assigning user privelages and Admin access / XP usisng two Admin users at once(???)

Dual Administrator Access / assigning user privelages and Admin access / XP usisng two Admin users at once(???)

Post by Paul James » Fri, 18 Feb 2005 18:54:19

do not where to begin with this, so here it goes:

A co-worker received a Compaq Presario PC from her parents
a couple of years ago. It was display model from a local Fry's Electronic
Store. It worked fine, until after awhile it started acting sluggish
and she neglected it due workload at her job.

She figured it was a virus, so I gave her my copy of McAfee ViruScan 8.0
(I had already upgraded to ViruScan 9.0, so this wasn't pirating). She and
her roommate ran the scanner and found many virii. That was solved but then
discovered that it didn't seem to stop the PC from being so sluggish. So
she called me in. I discovered that their PC was saturated with SpyWare,
AdWare, and their variants. I fixed that with Lavasoft AdAware.

Then I advised updated Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I got my disc
and discovered for some reason it would not install. So I had ordered the
updated CD from Microsost's site. It arrived and they tried to install it
to no avail. I did the same, to no avail.

After logging in as Administrator (under Safe Mode) I found out that the
PC was originally setup for a user named "frys store". Somehow the system
would not allow any major changes to occur if this user was not logged in.

However, _**no such user was visible on the Welcome screen or the Safe
Mode screen**_. BUT the folder for "frys store" was still in the
'Documents and Settings' folder. My co-worker logs with her name, not
"frys store". I figured that when my co-worker's Parents they gave the PC
to her they created her account and simply gave it Ad min access
(thus creating a Super-User account) and deleted the "frys store" account
without deleting the actual folder. OR they re-named the "frys store"
account to here name.

It seems that whenever she logs on, all her settings, under her own
account name, are being stored in the old "frys store" folder, and
not the "Owner" or "wendys" (thats her account name). In fact, there
is NO "wendys" user folder.

The 'D&S' folder is supposed to have "Administrator", "All Users",
"Default User", "LocalService", "LocalService", and "Owner" folders
along with any additional accounts. Hers these BUT the additional are:
"frys store" and "frys store_2" (the latter I created, thinking it may
solve the problem, but it created a new user folder. I would think that
when XP is setup all settings fo to the "Owner" folder, but hers
is not. That folder is basically empty as ALL of her "wendys" user
settings are in stored the "frys store" folder.

So when she logs on as 'wendys' the system won't allow her to update
to WinXP SP2, because it stores all the information in the "frys store"
folder assuming that is the "Owner" folder. But when it tries to locate
the files it cant find them and aborts the SP2 update. Because they're not
in the "Owner" folder, they're in the "frys store" folder.

Some how her Admin privelages are whacked. She logs in as 'wendys' but the
system is looking for the user 'frys store'. I created a 'frys store' user
but it didn't work as it just created an additional account adjacent to the
original folder (with an appended "_2").

If you can help me figure this out I would most appreciated. She can
work and get online, but can't install WinXP SP2. The only solution is
to use the Recovery CD and blast the HD back to factory default. She
declined and
decided to bite the bullet and deal. But I would like to solve this
problem for her.

Keep in mind I