screen saver quits after 10 minutes

screen saver quits after 10 minutes

Post by Y2hyaXN0aW » Sat, 09 Jun 2007 07:55:01

My screen saver comes on as it should, but then it quits after 10 minutes.
There was a big storm the other night, and my computer went dead for several
hours, and then came back on all of its own. Maybe that has something to do
with it? That's when the screen saver started acting up.

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I was given a PC with a screen save that I do not like and I don't
have the permission to change it.

I wonder if there are any screen savers software that can override the
one ins display properties screen saver ? I thinking I can run the
software in the background and it constantly reset the timer for the
screen saver in the display properties so that it won't come on but
itself has a timer which will lock and display photos that I want.

Is there anything like that availabe ?


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