How to find XP serial numbers from command prompt?

How to find XP serial numbers from command prompt?

Post by RP » Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:49:10

Help. I have a client's computer on my desk. Their hard drive is
failing and I cannot make this machine boot, even to safe mode. They
don't have their XP disk or numbers. I need to get their numbers off
this hard drive by some other means. Is there any way I can access what
I need from a command prompt? Thank you in advance. This is a
legitimate copy of XP that they bought with their machine.

How to find XP serial numbers from command prompt?

Post by Gerry Corn » Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:58:39


Posting by Bruce Chambers from Google:

Greetings --

The Windows 25-character Product Key (required to perform the
installation) is stored on the CD packaging on a bright orange sticker
that says "Do not lose this number." If it was an OEM (factory
installed) license, it's stored on a label that the PC manufacturer
affixed to the exterior of the PC case, or on the bottom of a laptop.

To recover a lost Product Key:

If your system still runs, you should be able to use AIDA32
Enterprise from
(If you have a factory-installed OEM license, and haven't since
reinstalled the OS, the revealed Product Key is probably of the drive
image used at the factory and not _your_ specific Product Key;
therefore, it probably cannot be -- and definitely should not be --
used for a re-installation.)

If it was a retail license and you have proof of purchase:

How to Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware ;en-us;326246

If it was an OEM license, you should contact whomever sold you the
OS; although very few manufacturers/vendors keep records of the
Product Keys they've sold, it's worth a try before you have to buy a
new license.

Bruce Chambers

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Hope this helps.


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