Can NOT boot from Windows CD, Safe Mode,r Normal Mode but CAN

Can NOT boot from Windows CD, Safe Mode,r Normal Mode but CAN

Post by Qm9ibGlua » Sun, 24 Apr 2005 06:26:02

Thank you again Galen, I appreciate all your help and feel a little better
about getting my system back. Some comments / questions after your remarks:

It's MUCH easier than that... If you have the recovery CD just boot with the
CD in place and it should pop you the question about booting from CD. Then
follow the on screen prompts. No typing of format or the like any more. It's
all done quickly and easily though the CD itself. No special hidden

The way that I got into trouble in the first place Galen is, that a few
months ago SP 2 was (automatically) downloaded and installed and about a week
ago, I was getting (Windows) error messages advising me that some Windows
Files are corrupt, place the Windows CD in the CD ROM Drive and Press Enter.
I did and was advised that the cersion on my system is later than the version
on the CD (which was SP1), I POSTED some notes and was advised to create a
SlipStream CD, which I did and then Deleted SP2 and tried to install
WindowsXp Pro (SlipStream with SP2).
The installation began and stopped about 1/2 way thru and advised me that a
Sound Blaster File could not be found and displayed a path. I noticed that my
mouse LOCKED at this moment so I could not change the path (I wouldn't know
where the file was anyway) and the only way I was able to get out of this,
was to press ESC. I thought all was fine when Windows SetUp finally finished
and my system restarted but instead of Windows opening, I got to the Welcome
page and was asked if I want to acytivate Windows now or later (I did this a
few times and found out that it didn't matter which Option I selected) and
after a few seconds, I would get the Blue Scrren (of Death) and my system
would freeze.
BTW, I do NOT remember being asked during the installation if I wanted to

To keep your system up and running don't activate immediately when prompted.
Instead turn on the firewall. Then download and install SP2.

Thanks for the activation suggestion Galen fyi, I probably will try and
install the SlipStreamm version that includes SP2 - AVG I have it - AntiVir - AdAware I have it
Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta I have it - a Squared
I think that I already have a Trojan "killer" but will keep these available
in case I don't

LSP-Fix - a free program to repair damaged Winsock 2 stacks:
I KNOW that I do NOT have Winstock tools so I will get one of these

select Safe mode without networking. Do your cleaning in there.
Thanks Galen, I usually do cleaning (set these programs to run
automatically) in Normal Mode

Thank you agin for your help Galen,

Can NOT boot from Windows CD, Safe Mode,r Normal Mode but CAN

Post by Gale » Sun, 24 Apr 2005 14:33:00

Boblink < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > had this to say:

My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:

No problem. You can get XP SP2 on CD for free too you know. They'll even
mail it to you free.

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Rest well Alex and we'll see you on the other side.