Choices, choices, choices, but no options!

Choices, choices, choices, but no options!

Post by Confuse » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 08:56:59

Who oh why do Microsoft have to bring out so many
versions of things...

The good old days:

NT4 Workstations with NT4 Servers.

Then Windows 2000 desktops and Windows 2000 Servers.

But then Windows XP Home AND Pro and Windows 2003
Servers. - BUT they go and change the licensing too so we
haev to pay more! Thanks!

To go and make things worse I have been given the job to
get Instant Messenger working in our company, but the
users must be allowed to transfer files, but the files
must be filtered/scanned etc.

So whats the option... A Gateway/Proxy. BUT what do
Microsoft do..? They have MSN and Windows Messenger with
TOTALLY different port allocations and in fact decrease
the security by mergeing some ports in the MSN versions. -
So us poor admins have no granularity!

Unfortunately our budget doesn't stretch to the INSANE
0,000 per annum costs of running some of the high end
gateways in the market, but only have a small budget of
roughly 500. The only product we found to fit the needs
of our 100 user base (mixed PC and MAC) environment it a
product called imMarhsal by NetIQ.

* No 0,000 per annum is NOT a lie!

But guess what; it looks NetIQ weren't planning on people
using the MSN version. - File transfers don't work with
the MSN cleint because of the port setup.

* Can you blame them!

Just use Windows Messenger instead I hear you say. Well I
say "I would but the MACS have to use the MSN version of
course" - Which I can't seem to get working because of
an authentication issue with the gateway?

That's a MAC story and is another ball game altogether! -
Don't go there!

So, my first questions is; why the hell did Microsoft
have to go and make both MSN and Windows Messenger
available in the first place, AND make them so different!?

* If it isn't broken - DON'T FIX IT!!!

Secondly, has anyone else used netIQ imMarshal and
managed to get the MAC's working, AND/OR managed to get
file transfers working with the MSN client?

Lastly, is there a list provided by Microsoft of all the
ports used by MSN (ALL PC and Mac versions) and Windows
Messenger and ALL of the destination servers used in
their IM communications!? - If not there should be.


Perhaps the answer is to ditch Microsoft and try someone
else like Yahoo, AOL or ICQ etc.

Shame, but if MS continue to fiddle and have so many
different versions working in different fashions it's not
at all suprising people change to the other vendors.

It's called Common sense. Or NOT as the case may be!!!

Looking forward to all the nice honest replies ;)

Cheers for listening!


P.S: Is the above smiley available in version 4.7?