Device Manager indicates UNKNOWN DEVICE

Device Manager indicates UNKNOWN DEVICE

Post by U3RlcGhlb » Tue, 23 Jan 2007 12:07:01

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All of a sudden all of my USB ports have decided to malfunction. After
right clicking the USB symbol in Device Manager the device status box
indicates "No drivers are installed for this device." On further reading I am
being told that USB ports do not use a driver ! I usually use this
particular port for charging and music transfer of two IPODS. It has been
working fine. I even plugged in one of those USB flash drives, which I know
is working fine, and the same problem occurs. I tried plugging in the IPODS
in the other three USB ports on my computer with the same problem taking
place. My printer is plugged into one of the ports and does NOT work either
but there is no indication of a problem with device manager. My mouse is USB
and it works fine. Help would be appreciated with this problem.
Thanks in advance to all!


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Hello! I've got a Panasonic CF-27FCCKFEM Toughbook, which I have
installed XP on. I'm satisfied with its performance, but it bugs me
that I have an Unknown device in device manager! I haven't a clue what
it is, as everything seems to be working! All I have to identify it is
the Device Instance ID, which is ACPI\MAT0011\2&DABA3FF&0. Is that
enough information to figure out what driver I need to look for?

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