MSN Mess = Video No / Win Mess = Video Yes

MSN Mess = Video No / Win Mess = Video Yes

Post by John A. Wo » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 04:14:55

I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 ver 4 with the latest firmware and UPnP enabled.
When I attempt a video conference with Windows Messenger 5 to a MSN
Messenger 6 user it works fine. If I try a video conference with MSN
Messenger 6 to a MSN Messenger 6 user, it fails after attempting to
connnect. If I put the computer in the router's DMZ MSN Mess works fine. I
looks like MSN Mess is not opening the proper ports but Windows Mess is.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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I use Windows Messenger 5.0.0482 for video conversations.
I use Win XP SP2 Firewall. Whenever the firewall is
active, the video does not work on pc. When I turn it
off, then the video works. I have Win.Mess. set to
exemption in firewall settings.

What port would I open to ensure success?
Do I have to close this port after video session is
Can I use ZoneAlarm free version instead? How?

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