4.7 works; 5.0 does not

4.7 works; 5.0 does not

Post by Sneed Hear » Mon, 13 Oct 2003 04:49:47

4.7 works fine but when I upgraded to 5.0 it can not find
the internet connection at all. I had the identical
problem with MSN Messenger in the most current version, 7
or 8 I believe. When I uninstall and go back to 4.7 there
is no trouble. This is not a passport issue as if I try
to use the "get a net passport" link, which does not
require signing in, I get the same result. It may be
related that Media Player 9 has the identical issue and
can not find or make any net connection. I've been
through all the settings options and none makes any
difference. I use a broadband connection with no proxy
server. My ISP came to my computer to try everything he
could think of and couldn't fix this either. Any ideas?
Thanks. Sneed

4.7 works; 5.0 does not

Post by Jonathan K » Mon, 13 Oct 2003 05:06:38

Greetings Sneed,

Here are some suggestions you might want to check/try:

1. The date on your computer needs to be set properly -- double click the clock verify that
the time and date are set.
2. If your password information is not saved, verify that you are typing it in with the
correct case (uppercase or lowercase).
3. Change your password @ http://www.yqcomputer.com/ , then try
signing in again.
4. If you use a firewall (like ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security etc. ), it's possible
that Messenger doesn't have the correct rights to access the Internet, especially since you
upgraded. You may need to re/add Messenger to the allowed list of programs in your firewall
if this is the case.
5. If you disabled your firewall in the past, it still may be blocking Messenger -- try
restarting it and see if that helps the situation. You also might try uninstalling an
installed firewall, to verify that it isn't causing a problem (even if it is disabled).
6. Clear your IE cache and cookies -- open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then click the Delete Files button, and when that's complete click the
Delete Cookies button.
7. Check your IE Security settings -- open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, then
Internet Options, then Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section, and verify that "Check
for server certificate revocation" is unchecked. Also verify that 'Use SSL 2.0' and Use SSL
3.0' is checked, then click OK.
8. Click Start, then Run, and enter the following:
regsvr32 softpub.dll
then click OK

Then try again.
Jonathan Kay
Microsoft MVP - Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger
Associate Expert
Messenger Resources - http://www.yqcomputer.com/