Unspecified Error on File Open

Unspecified Error on File Open

Post by VHlsZX » Thu, 10 Mar 2005 03:17:02

I replaced my laptop recently, backing up all my MM2 files to a server.

Now when I try to open these (quite large) files on my new laptop, I get an
unspecified error.

The plot thickens here: I'm able to open these same files directly off the
server, by most other workstations in our building, with no trouble at all.

And the really weird thing: when I create a new project file from scratch on
my laptop, it works without a hitch.

I've tried:
-rolling back to WMP9.
-copying the program files/driver files from a working workstation onto my
-reinstalling WM Encoder 9
-reinstalling WM codecs
-renaming the temp directories, a la PapaJohn
-resaving the project files under new names

Nothing seems to work!

Any suggestions?


Unspecified Error on File Open

Post by ZGlja2Jsb2 » Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:17:03

Tyler, you said that resaving the project files under new names does not work.
Do your files play when you import them into Movie Maker? If they do make a
small edit and save it just like you do with a 'new' project....it shouldnt
any different as long as you can 'import' your file into MM2 and re-render it.
Otherwise, check that you originally made your projects in '2' and not '1'.
I switched to MM2 when I downloaded Service Pack 2 a few months ago,
since it was in that update. Good luck.