CD Drive N:\is not accessable,not being recognized,wont Eject

CD Drive N:\is not accessable,not being recognized,wont Eject

Post by UmVtYX » Mon, 13 Aug 2007 17:02:01

I've got an old PC (HP Pavilion 8756C) with Windows XP Pro, installed on top
of Windows ME 7 years ago. It's been kept in great shape. I never had a
serious problem with it until last week when I noticed that one of the CD
Drives is not loading up right as follows:
* When I start/restart Windows, all basic programs load up exept for one:
CD Drive N:\ [the secondary CD Drive] -most of the time- doesn not. Its not
being recognized as a system disk (Meaning, when I go to My Computer, Its not
there), I only see: LOCAL DISK (C:), CD Drive M:\ , and the 3 Floppy (A:) .
And, when it does load up, it could be seen on: 'My Computer' but, it either
causes my PC to 100% jammmed untill I shut it off, ( that happened 95 times
out of every 100 times I reboot my machine) or it wont be accessable, nor
available in many cases with many different error messages, and most of all
it wont eject (open and close). I tried in Safe Mode and I also tried a 'one
month old' good system Restore point. I checked the Volume for errors, I
defragmented Hard Disk twice, I also did SFC Scannow & Windows FileProtect.
Nothing of the above brought any good results. I also did all kind of
checking and searching for viruses, spyware or bugs,, nothing of that was
found. I also checked the hardware itself from the inside and made sure its
and all related wires are connected and plugged in good. Like I said, it only
loads up (without causing my system to jam) like 5 time out of every 100
times I reboot. In those good times It works perfect as used to, it gets
accessable, available, playable 'CDs and suff', and it could eject (open and
close). I know its tricky & funny, its not a one way problem to be diagnosed
and dealt with the right way.

CD Drive M:\ uses (MITSUMI CR 4804TE DVD/CD-Rom Drives) . I've got no
problem what so ever with CD Drive M:\. CD Drive N:\ uses (SAMSUNG CD-ROM
CS-148 DVD/CD-Rom Drives). I did Uninstall then Reinstall the driver.. I also
tried to see if there was an update for it, but unfortunately there was none
out there. I tried to trouble shooting the driver, but for some reason the
Trouble Shooting Wizard wouldn't start..
My Computer Bios Revision is : 2.05 09/12/00 ,, I know its kind of old, but
I don't know if a bios update is needed (anyway I couldn't find any Bios
update in HP site for it, but again under what O/S to look for that Bios
Update, XP or ME) and I don't know if a bios board cmos faulty setup can
cause CD Drive N:\ to fail everytime I reboot and not to start ide setting
between Master and Slave or none Master Drives parameters. I think I was
suposed to get a Bios update more than 7 years ago when I had Windows ME and
before I install Windows XP Pro on top of it, but I never did.
By checking my Computer System /PhoenixBios setup utility, I concluded that
the Bios theory isn't the case.. but I noticed that one item doesn't look
right!! where it shows that:
Installed O/S is : Win 98/ Win 2000 !!!!! It's weird !!!!! I've never had
either one of those,, so I don't know what to say here.. and if I should
correct that (and how?) or should I reset it to its original default
settings, under Windows ME !!! or the current Version Windows XP Pro?? I
don't know.
Well that's all,, I think its too much for me to say and for You to read...

I also took and uploaded some photos showing parts of the problem .. if
You're interested and have an other minute

CD Drive N:\is not accessable,not being recognized,wont Eject

Post by QW5kcmV3IE » Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:06:01

A 7 year old pc,& one wonders why thier might be problems.....Most pcs are
good for about 4 yrs at best,one from hp usually runs well in the 2 yr range.
Try looking for new pc hardware,mitsumi went out of business 3 or 4 yrs ago,
samsung isnt even a contender in newer drives,as for hp,even thier very
pcs use only "fair" pc parts (liteonit cdroms/rws/dvds) are all in hp pcs &
budget hardware.

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