Strange problem: win xp home & 2000 pro small ntw

Strange problem: win xp home & 2000 pro small ntw

Post by Federic » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 07:00:38

First of all thanks to anyone who will answer.

My scenario: one desktop pc with Windows XP Home, one
laptop with Windows 2000 Pro SP4. Two ethernet adapters
10/100 connected by a crossed-cable. Subnet used with mask They're both
members of the same workgroup, named "WORKGROUP". Ping is
ok, as well as name resolution.

The xp client sees the 2000 pro, can browse files and
folders, copy and move, etc... all is working at 100%. In
order to access to the laptop without psw request, I have
supplied to the xp client the 2000's administrator
password in Control Panel>User Accounts>"my
account">network password.
All is ok, I can also copy files and folders from the xp
to the 2000.

Here comes the bad part: the 2000 client sees the xp, but
when I try to access the xp, the prompt requesting user
and password appears. Every account is rejected :(, and
I'm sure the passwords are right!!!

I have tried to change the ethernet adapters speed, but
the problem still remain; I also tried to create new users
both in xp and in 2000 to solve it, but I didn'get

I've checked the XP event viewer and I've noticed that
usually XP uses Kerberos for the authentication, while the
security log with the failed accesses says that win 2000
is trying to use NTLM.

Where's the problem? Authentication? Other?

The hardware is ok as well as tcp/ip configuration too.

Thanks in advance.

Strange problem: win xp home & 2000 pro small ntw

Post by napster ch » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 08:48:43