DHCP doesn't release properly?

DHCP doesn't release properly?

Post by Chri » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 05:58:59

I'm the network assistant at a small college, and
we've noticed a trend with Windows XP boxen. It seems
that two strange behaviors are occuring with some

1. Many students report that their connection stops
working. When they restart the computer, it retains
expired DHCP information, rather than releasing it and
getting a new lease. All that is required is to
unplug the network cable so that Windows resets the
device, and they work again, automagically.

2. Other students report the same thing. Upon
investigation, their ports have been marked unusable
in the DHCP tables. The reason this happens is that
there is an IP conflict, and our theory is this: that
Windows, failing to release the old IP, requests a new
lease. The DHCP server pings the IP before it gives
it out, but the ping comes back as active because
Windows has failed to release the IP address. Hence,
DHCP detects a conflict and marks the port unusable.

Has anyone else dealt with similar problems, and, if
so, how did you solve it? I noticed that SP1a fixes a
few DHCP issues, but this didn't seem to be among
them. Any help, &c. Thanks.

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I have a laptop (2.0G P4-M, 512M RAM, WinXP Pro SP1) which very recently
decided that, during bootup, it would not accept assignment from the DHCP
server. If I let the computer boot and manually release and renew the
connection, then DHCP will assign a proper number; otherwise, it moves on
the alternate method.

Too, when booting, I get to the point where the network connections are
making their attempt to communicate, then the computer just WILL NOT finish
booting for literally 4-5 minutes. This is QUITE frustrating.

Finally, this ONLY happens to my computer (almost a year old) and NEVER used
to happen. I can't pinpoint the changes that occurred just prior to this,
but it was either the installation of McAfee SpamKiller 5.0 (which SUCKS,
btw) or the last run of BootVis.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


qnman at yahoo dotcom - subject: NEWS RESPONSE

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