HELP - Restoring Internet Gateway Icon/Program

HELP - Restoring Internet Gateway Icon/Program

Post by anonymou » Wed, 14 Jul 2004 13:57:40

Hi all,

I saw a suggestion in the newsgroup to turn off the
Internet Gateway so that you can hear each the other
person in a voice chat. (What I did is quoted below my
message) I followed those instructions and now I can't
have a voice chat with anyone via Windows messenger! I'm
using an Actiontec Wireless Gateway GT701g for my DSL

The Internet gateway icon in the Network connections
folder now doesn't appear at all! I wish to reverse what
I did. How to find /install/turn on the Internet Gateway

Thank you,

P.S. I'm using Norton Internet Security 2004 for XP. I
found that when I disabled the NIS, and disabled the LAN
firewall, the Internet Gateway icon appeared in the
network connections folder. Now when I try that, nothing

router (with UPnP support), you may
click Start, All Programs,
click the "Internet Gateway" (should
Properties. Choose the Settings button,
choose 'Delete' to each one. Then close
then restart Messenger.

HELP - Restoring Internet Gateway Icon/Program

Post by Ken Wickes » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 08:36:30

Those instructions shouldn't have delete the icon, and Messenger would have
recreated the port mappings the next time it ran (like when you reboot)

Certainly the LAN firewall will keep the icon from working. NIS is also a
common problem here, you might try uninstalling it temporarily while you get
things working, disabling might not be enough.


Ken Wickes [MSFT]
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