Cannot Browser nor Connect Client to Client in a Home Domain

Cannot Browser nor Connect Client to Client in a Home Domain

Post by Terence If » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:15:36

Hi all:

OK, here's my setup:

Home Network: Domain Based NT 4.0 Server; 1 WinXP Pro Client and 1
Windows2000 Pro Client all connected via DSL Router and DSL Modem.

My NT 4 Server is the PDC and dishes out TCP/IP addresses (DCHP Server) and
the Router/HUB is does the firewall work (rather well, I might add) and my
WinXP Pro's firewall stuff is uninstalled/disabled.

My problem is that I need peer-networking abilities within my network. Just
simple file browsing and connectity between WinXP and Win2000 Pro clients.
I need no elaborate solutions. Oh, by the way, I want to acheive this
without the Netbeui protocol. Just straight TCP/IP, thank you. What am I

Thanks in advance,
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Hi everyone,

This is a problem that I have with a Midas Client to Server connection, but
I think it has to do with inter domain security.

So, my DCOM server is in machine in a Win NT domain. Users in this domain a
other trusted NT domains can run their clients and start the DCOM server
without problems.

The problem arise when any user in a Windows 2000 domain tries to connect to
the server. If the server is not running, the W2000 user can never start the
server. However, if the server is already running, because a Win NT user has
started it, then the Win 2000 user can go ahead.

I had given defaults permissions to Everyone, System, Network, Interactive,
and Creator Owner as I've been told to do, and the server runs under the
Interactive user, but it didn't solve the problem.

The question is: do you know what should I do to enable user in the Win 2000
domain to start the DCOM server in the NT domain?.

The Systems dep. have told me that both domain are trusted domain in each

Thank very much for your time.

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