XP Wireless Ad Hoc Network

XP Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Post by Rick » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 20:03:25

I am attempting to create an ad hoc network between my
laptop and desktop. They both run xp home edition sp 1.
I am attempting to do this with WEP disabled. I have
created ip addresses for both machines. When i go back
and check the network config some how the WEP box is now
checked??? The computers connect to each other with no
issues, but will not transfer data. I am sure this is an
encryption issue but cant figure it out. Thanks Rick

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Hi chaps,

Maybe a FAQ and maybe not the right NG, but I've got a question about
this configuration:

I've got 4 PCs home

3 of them connected with wire cables and a router. (They work) :)

1 PC has got 2 NICs, 1 wire and 1 wireless 802.11b (It works!)

I also got my PDA (dell axim) with a 802.11b adaptor. (Yeah working

The PDA and the wireless adaptor on PC are comunicating via Ad Hoc
connection, working sound and safe.

Right, both networking are working fine, but I cant see the wire
network from the wireless one and vice-versa.

I know on XP you can use a bridge between the two network connections
and get rid of the problem,
but Im running under win2000 and I couldnt find any solution.

(I've already tried as suggested to enable the internet connection
sharing on the wire networking in the PC with 2 NICs, it didnt help at

Im sure most of you have got the same configuration, so any little
help on how to make it working it's very appreciated.


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