ICS troubles: internet -wireless-> XP PC -> hub -> clients

ICS troubles: internet -wireless-> XP PC -> hub -> clients

Post by Q29udHJvbC » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 10:43:02

Hi, I'm having a spot of trouble setting up ICS on my LAN w/XP Home. My setup
is as follows: cable modem to a wireless AP (D-Link), wireless NIC in the XP
Home machine, wired ethernet (on the MB, nForce2) from the XP Home machine
out to a hub.

I've got internet connectivity on the XP Home machine via the wireless NIC,
but when I try to set up ICS I get told that an IP required for ICS is
already in use. I've set the router to use IP, and it
dynamically assigns IPs from .100 - .199. Checking the logs and status, no
clients are connected as .1, and the router says it's using .128.

Currently, my wireless NIC is configured to obtain a dynamic IP, and the
wired NIC is enabled but disconnected (I wanted to set ICS up before
introducing the complexity of the hub and other clients).

Any suggestions?

(Yes, I know it would be better to use wireless NICs on the other clients,
but I'm trying to avoid dropping the money on the external wireless adapter
for my XBox)

ICS troubles: internet -wireless-> XP PC -> hub -> clients

Post by WTC » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 13:24:28

Are you connecting all machine to the hub? If so, you shouldn't have to use
ICS, use the Network Setup Wizard.