3302 - Protocol Error Layer 2

3302 - Protocol Error Layer 2

Post by QXJub2xkS » Tue, 24 Jul 2007 18:00:03

When trying to connect to the internett, I have started to get error message
651 from the ISDN card, which means there may be a problem with the NDISWAN
driver. Line test tells me that there is a "Protocol error at Layer 2".

The Asuscom ISDN card used to work perfectly allright. In spring, I changed
computer to a new Acer Aspire T180, also with XP Pro, and connected a Trust
USB ISDN adapter, which also worked perfectly allright, untill sometimes in
June 2007. Then the error message started. In the beginning, it helped to
reinstall the NDISWAN drivers. Then, I changed the adapter to the old
internal Asuscom PCI card. I tworked for a while, but now, I am unable to
connect to the internet at any times. I have also tried the card on different
computers and with different cables, but all with the same result.

For me. it looks like there has been a change in Windows, that has led to
this problem. Is there an update I can uninstall, or will Microsoft develop
an update to fix the problem?

Card= Asuscom ISDNLink PCI P-IN-100 (W,D) network adapter or
also Trust USB ISDN Modem MD2100p adapter.
OS = Windows XP Pro with the very latest updates.