My WiFi card thinks it's an access point but it's not

My WiFi card thinks it's an access point but it's not

Post by THVjYX » Fri, 23 Dec 2005 18:07:03

While looking through the Wireless Network Wizard, I appearently managed to
tell windows that my computer was an access point. however by doing this it
completely ruined the wifi connection it had to my linksys G router. the
router is configured fine but since my computer thinks it is an access point
it is no longer connecting to the router. how can I fix this?? where is the
unnetworking wizard?!

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i know the basic ideas of networking and everytime i setup a lan i
basically just mess with it till it works. so im a LITTLE familiar with
the basics, tho this wireless thing is a whole new thing for me. this
is the scenario:

my roomate and i have laptops with wifi cards (in our "office"), we
want to share files and the printer. we're also sharing wireless
internet with another roomate on the opposite side of the house so our
signal strength to his wireless router isnt that good where our office
is. we want to be able to establish an in-room wireless network but
still retain connectivity to the internet router. is there a way to
connect wifi card - to - wifi card(like one of those twisty ethernet
cables that connects directly to two computers)? i also have a second
wifi router, but i thought that might get too complicated. it seems so
simple in my head, but this stuff never is.

one more thing, my pc has sp1 and his has sp2.

any help at all would help us out tons. thanks a lot!

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