File sharing not works, but printer sharing does

File sharing not works, but printer sharing does

Post by MLO » Thu, 27 May 2004 12:57:41


Have an issue with the file sharing between two computers (Both XP based).
Layout: wireless router directly connected to internet through Cable modem.
One XP wired to the router with ethernet cable, Second XP uses USB Wireless
Adapter to connect to the router. Both PC's see Internet (brose it) - no
problem . On both computers there are folders with Sharing enabled. I am
able to ping PC1 from PC2 and visa versa. From PC2 (wireless) I can see PC1
in My Network Places , open it, see shared folders and actually get an
access to them (copy to and from). The problem is when I use PC1 (wired): I
still see PC2 in My Network places, can open it and see shared folders,
however, if I try to go into them I get message \\PC2\SharedDocs is not
accessible ... I checked PC2 shared folders - sharing on network is enabled
in the folder's properties. Any idea what else I need to do to actually
share them?

Thank you for your help - it is highly appreciated.

Michael O.

P.S. XP's built-in Internet Connection Firewall on network connections on
both PC's are disabled by the way. More than that on PC2 I have an access to
PC2's printer over the network (can actually print!).

I am missing something about file sharing set up. Please help!

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I suspect that Windows 98 and Vista are too many generations apart to
hope for any coordination between them.

I find sharing anything on an older Windows computer with Vista be a
real pain in the ass, and somewhat unpredictable. To share a printer in
an earlier environment with Vista, first make sure they are both in the
same workgroup, MSHOME, WORKGROUP, YOURGROUP, or whatever. Then set up
the printer under Windows 98 as shared. Beyond that it gets dicey, as
you've seen. The easiest way with Vista is to Add New Printer, "search"
for printers, then enter in the name of the Win98 and the printer share
name if and when the Vista computer does not find any printers. The
format is something like: \\win98computer\Deskjet812C . If that does
not work, I do not know what to say. Vista was not bron right... Ben Myers

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