2 computer network (xp + 98) problem: 98 can't access xp

2 computer network (xp + 98) problem: 98 can't access xp

Post by Peter Spec » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 22:52:05

in our network an XP home computer has a Belkin wireless
modem/router hard-wired to it via LAN, and the Win 98SE
computer talks via an 802.11g PCI card. Both machines
share an internet connection & ping each other OK, and the
XP computer accesses files on the 98 unit just fine. But
the 98 computer, while it sees the other on its Network
N'hood, gets a "no permission to access resource
message". Nor can the 98 unit print to the printer
attached to the XP. Both computers are on the same
workgroup and have different names. I'm logging on with
the same names and p/words on both. All firewalls are
disabled except that in the Belkin. Sharing is enabled
everywhere. I restarted the xp unit on safe mode and
under security settings gave "everyone" access to
everything. Still no access 98 > xp direction.

Any suggestions from anyone would be much appeciated!

2 computer network (xp + 98) problem: 98 can't access xp

Post by Robert L [ » Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:36:03

it could be name resolution issue or permission issue. If you can ping xp
hostname from win98, this is permission issue. double check the logon name
and password.

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