Intel PRO/wireless 2200BG connection dropout problem

Intel PRO/wireless 2200BG connection dropout problem

Post by MJ » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 23:40:47

ACER Travelmate 8004 LMi (centrino) with Intel
PRO/wireless 2200BG miniPCI (EU version)
Windows XP Pro SP1 (with all updates)
Latest drivers from ACER

My problem is that I cannot lint to any wireless network
continuously, neither Linksys router at home (WRT54G), nor
CISCO access points at office.

After an initial connection to the network where I can
access for brief moments all services (net, messenger,
shared disks, etc...), the connection drops (similar to
what is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article -
828940) and I cannot reconnect again without restarting.
Before the restarting I can see the SSID of the network,
either by using XP wireless connection or the Intel
PRO/Set utility, but I cannot connect!!! This occurs again
and again.

I tried to disable all security in Linksys router (wep,
etc...) but the symptoms are the same. Other laptops, with
the same WIN XP Pro version and updates, but with Linksys
and other brands PCMCIA cards, work OK in both wireless

I tried also to disable 802.1x but that didn't work
either. In my case it's a protocol installed by INTEL
drivers, AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v, not the
Microsoft version.

Neither ACER, nor Intel provided support yet to this
problem. Any suggestion to solve this?



Intel PRO/wireless 2200BG connection dropout problem

Post by sstiasn » Sun, 25 Jul 2004 10:56:24


I have the exact same problem with my IBM Thinkpad T42.
It has the same 2200BG card but I own a D-Link DI-614+ wireless
Beside this laptop I have 2 others with D-Link cards and they work
just fine.
I've played with numerous parameters on both the access point and the
laptop itself with no permanent fix. It did get a bit better after I
turned off D-Link specifics but instead of connection dropping out
every 15secs to 5mins, it still goes out but after a longer period of
time. In the beginning with D-Link specifics on, it would kill even
the connection on the other 2 laptops!
I've searched around and others have same issues with different brand
access points which leads me to believe it's the Centrino to blame.
What can help you is if you turn off Wireless Zero Configuration
service in your XP and use either Intel configuration utility or
whatever is provided with your Acer plus there's a MS patch that needs
to be un-installed in case you have it but I don't remember which one