Conflict in XP-Pro file sharing and printer sharing

Conflict in XP-Pro file sharing and printer sharing

Post by UkpBWV » Mon, 12 Mar 2007 04:21:00

I have discovered a conflict problem between file sharing and access to a
shared printer in WnXP-PRO-SP2. I was able to get file sharing working
between my laptop and desktop (both using XP Pro) using the excellent
discussion by R. Lowe and S. Winograd
( ).
However, everytime I try to print a job from the laptop to the printer
attached to the desktop (USB port), the spooler hangs and produces a ghost
dialog box on the desktop screen. The ghost dialog box remains until the
desktop is restarted at which time, the spooler gets flushed and the job
prints out. I have found that by re-enablng "Simple File Sharing" in the
Folder Options -- View, printer sharing (without restart) is re-established.
However, file sharing doesn't work now. I can toggle between flle sharing
and access to a shared printer by turning off and on the check box for Simple
File Sharing. Any thoughts on how to resolve the conflict without toggling
or restarting would be appreciated.

Thx in advance.

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At home I have XPPro, Win2K, and RH9 configured to share files and a HP PSC
1350 printer on the XPPro PC. Printing locally from XPPro is OK, printing
from Win2K is OK, but printing from the RH9 creates a document "remote
downlevel document" that hangs the XPPro print queue. The only way to clear
the document from the print queue is to turn off printer and reboot XPPro

The recommendations forr the RH9 is to use CUPS raw mode. The properties of
the document in the XPPro print queue reports type "raw" and program

I have been at this for weeks. I have read and re-read KBs, CUPS, SAMBA, and
HPLIP documentation, installed/uninstalled software/hardware and tried
about everything but nothing changes.

If someone knows why documents spool successfully from RH9 to XPPro, then
the printer appears to start print (I can heard print heads move and paper
access) and suddenly goes into "maintenance mode" (HP user guide - when
"on" light is blinking).

Please point me into the right direction!


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