OE7 search window dead

OE7 search window dead

Post by Brock Jone » Sat, 28 Oct 2006 00:24:39

When I open oe7 to blank in the address window I cannot type a search item
into the window and get "any" response. But for some reason when I type an
address (any legitimate address) into the address window and open it up, I
can then type a word into the search window and it will do what it is
supposed to. Obviously the workaround is easy. .....I use google as a
favorite link but I was hoping for full proper utilization of the search
window. Is this new....has anyone experienced something similar? Is there
a solution?

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begin oe_protect.scr
Roy Schestowitz < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > espoused:

That's the kind of claim I'd expect them to make, indeed, I could
readily imagine Tim Smith or Erik F or billwg!!! coming up with the same
kind of tosh, and then wondering why nobody believes them. Oh yeah,
then they'll slag-off the on-topic posters in the hope of gaining some
credibility for their off-topic material...

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