Problem bridging Wireless adapter + (LAN adapter + cross cable CISCO device)

Problem bridging Wireless adapter + (LAN adapter + cross cable CISCO device)

Post by Sandeep Kh » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 01:40:28

Hi All,

My current setup...
MS WinXP Professional with 2 network adapters:
1. DLink 520+ PCI wireless
2. 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI

Here is where it gets interesting... I have a CISCI ATA
186, Analog Telephone adapter that needs an internet
connection to route my telephone calls via internet,
courtesy . This CISCO device is connected via a
cross-cable to the above mentioned WinXP Professional
computer. The idea being that this CISCO adapter connected
via cross-cable will be able to communicate with the WinXP
computer. And, bridging the 3Com EtherLink adapter with my
DLink 520+ wireless adapter would let the CISCO device to
get an IP via a DHCP server (another computer in my LAN)
and get on the internet.

With all that said, I have had the above mentioned setup
working for the last 1 year. But, 2 weeks back I installed
Boingo wireless software from and it just broke
everything. My phone wasn't working as the CISCO device
was not getting on the internet. I uninstalled the Boingo
software, but to no success. I even reinstalled WinXP
completely...afresh. And, then tried bridging the DLink
Wireless & 3Com LAN adapter... but, then the WinXP
computer wasn't getting any internet and the DHCP server
logs on the other computer would show tons of DEAUTHEN
packets coming from this WinXP computer ... in particular
from the DLink wireless adapter and the CISCO device (I
confirmed this via the MAC addresses on the DLink wireless
adapter and the CISCO device)

What am I missing here. What am I forgetting. I know I
should have made notes in the first place a year back when
I had this setup working. But, here i am.

Any ideas, suggestions, comments? Anyone?

Thanks in advance,
Sandeep Khanna