understanding harry haller and Microsoft [please read if you care]

understanding harry haller and Microsoft [please read if you care]

Post by o891748274 » Fri, 25 Jun 2004 22:18:45

I mean, in reality consumers and businesses alike out there are in a
Microsoft circle jerk as Microsoft develops new standards that nobody
is going to want to care about in a decade as the desktop becomes
commoditized, and as people realize and learn they don't want so much
complexity and information overload in their lives. No matter how
much you simplify, simplify it down, etc. (which goes against your
business model), Microsoft is absolutely going to shrink to less than
50% in the coming decade even if your top-Captains can hang on to its
money. Please note this thread date, I'll be back to reference this
link, and laugh at all the people who respond to it feebly, angrily or
otherwise -- especially those who respond with delusions of grandeur
about what they think they are going to be able to do with their
current installed base. BTW -- the current state of the various World
economies is Microsoft fault. It (they) weren't supposed to break the
Government imposed laws they did to create this current shitty
environment we have to work in --- because business managers just
haven't figured it out yet. Those laws are meant to protect us little
people, the consumers. Why do we have government imposed laws might
you ask? So, you can walk down the street and not worry too much
about being killed or *** d -- and having a more than reasonable
chance to eat, live and work. Here is how people at Microsoft would
think in reality if they had a clue - "Weee -- the Big-Bang longhorn
release is coming and it will go critical mass immediately! Come play
in our constructed environment, and we'll create a place where
businesses can compete, and then we will take actions to slowly
destroy anyone who gets too big using whatever means possible! We
now- you will want to come back again-and-again so you can grow a
successful, long-term business with tremendous growth potential."
*smirk* and the finger - Regards.

On a separate side note: Harry. It's me who just came back after
another vacation and realized you have been stressing, and posting on
different names to yourself over and over. I am a drawf in a mix of a
billions of people out there who doesn't even know who you are.
Anyway, back to vacationland.

Regarding your posts, if you pull up a message and click 'view this
article only' and then 'original format', you will see a line in the
header called "NNTP-Posting-Host". The numbers after that is your
unique computer IP (Internet Protocol) address. Everyone has a unique
one. So, if you rewind back and look at this huge message thread, I
would estimate 75% of the posts are you responding to yourself in a
conversation. Please stop.

For example:

XXXX@XXXXX.COM resolves to >>
XXXX@XXXXX.COM resolves to >>
XXXX@XXXXX.COM resolves to >>
XXXX@XXXXX.COM resolves to >>

All you...

understanding harry haller and Microsoft [please read if you care]

Post by Gene » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:51:30

ou certainly are welcome to your opinion and may be right or wrong in your
conclusion. Some unsought advice: do not bet your meal money on such

Gene K
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understanding harry haller and Microsoft [please read if you care]

Post by hippy jac » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 06:28:06

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