After latest worm, Windows will not start - only get my screen saver?

After latest worm, Windows will not start - only get my screen saver?

Post by Bob Carnag » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 01:39:15

After installing the latest MS XP update for the new worm
problem, when I restarted my system I only get my screen
saver. I have tried safe mode and the option to return to
the last know good version of the operating system. When
I start the system with command prompt, I can see all my
files and directories.

When I do a cntl/Alt/Delete I can start new processes.
Some fail, Like ACT! and others limp along, like Excel.

None of the Windows items show up my screen other than my
screen saver - no tool bars, or other Windows elements?

Any idea of how to get Windows XP back up and running
without do a full restore?

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I wrote an MFC-app using VC++.NET 2003, which starts a screensaver
using CreateProcess().
It also terminates the screensaver using TerminateProcess() /
If the user activates mouse/keyboard before my app terminates the
the screensaver terminates itself and the z-order and focus-handling
of open windows somehow gets mixed up. this just happens when I use
CreateProcess(), when I use PostMessage(WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_SCREENSAVE,
0) for the standrad-screen-saver, everything works fine, but I dont
want to use this approach.
maybe the system uses different CreateProcess()-params ???

I am using the follwing CreateProcess() call:

::CreateProcess(NULL, cmdLine, NULL, NULL, TRUE,

any idea/help on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated,
thanx in advance!


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