editing XP registry through DOS?

editing XP registry through DOS?

Post by Jef Norto » Sun, 25 Jul 2004 03:51:48

In the above post:

copy c:\windows\system32\config\software

Should appear all on one line (it is a single command). Place a space
between the part on the first line and the part on the second line.

My original post "wrapped".


editing XP registry through DOS?

Post by Mark » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:15:58

This guy missed the post thou shall not post in HTML.

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You said you tried safe mode. What about Last Known Good Configuration Mode?

By mistake, while trying to reconfigure some bootup and shut down problems I
changed the settings in the registry that now when I turn on my comp and log
in on my administrator user password the computer shuts down and reboots
again to the point where the user password is required for me to reenter my
only to shut down and reboot by itself again...time and time repeatedly.

I think know where the error lies, but can not access if because I can not
past my log in point.

Even if I try loggin in through safe mode and using my disk to start up,
this problem
still occurs whenever windows boots up.

However I don't have this problem using DOS after I insert my floppy boot
disk...so is there a way that I can
change my settings to the registry from DOS?

Please e-mail me, because I don't see any info on this on the net or if it
is, I certainly don't understand it.

Here is the problem -

The registry settings in the bootup and shut down settings

I believe they are located in the
hkusers/users/sofyware /microsoft/windows/current version/explorer shutdown

I know that I changed a hey value what was a 0 to a 1 when it shouldn't have
and now when I boot up, I get as far as logging in with my password and
then the system begins to bring up the desktop and automatically shuts down
and reboots to the Windows log in screen where I enter the password again
only to have the screen automatically shut down and boot back up to where I
enter the password and it shuts down again.


I turn on the comp.

I get my IBM screen

Windows begins to load

Login and Password screen comes up

I type on password and hit return

Windows shuts down and reboots to start all over.

I can't start in safe mode. I can't start with cd and I don't know what to
look for when I am in dos or how to go about finding the registy from Dos.

I have all my disks but I don't know what to type in at the c:\ prompt
becuase REGEDIT doesn't work and EDIT doesn't open anything.


editing XP registry through DOS?

Post by David Cand » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:42:50

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