SyncToyLog.log "cannot access" problem - bug - Workaround Solution

SyncToyLog.log "cannot access" problem - bug - Workaround Solution

Post by QXVzc2l » Tue, 11 Apr 2006 01:45:02


While continuing to think there must be a solution ... I stumbled onto one ...

From the main screen:
1) Select "Change Options" (I don't know if the folder pair selection makes
a difference - but it appears not)
2) Select "Subfolders" and wait for Synctoy to find all folders
3) Find the "SyncToyData" directory (probably in "My Documents") and uncheck
the box - to exclude the directory from being backed up.
4) OK all the way out and ... bingo ... no conflict

Hope this helps.

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Hi John,

Found this in xl2007 help. Because it says it was added for xl2007 I would
suggest that nothing similar was previously available.

Extract from Help xl2007
Excel Developer Reference
Workbook.HasVBProject Property
Returns a Boolean that represents whether a workbook has an attached
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications project. Read-only Boolean.
Version Information
Version Added: Excel 2007



expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.


This property is most useful in programmatically determining whether a
workbook needs to be saved into a macro-enabled file format. If saved in
another format, macros and code projects contained within the document may be

End of Extract

I tested it with the following

Sub TestForVBA()
Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = Workbooks("Workbook to test.xlsm")
MsgBox wb.HasVBProject
End Sub

It appeared to successfully return True if code existed and False if no
code. However, inserting a module without any actual code returned True.

Even though the workbook was saved as macro enabled, it needed a module
inserted or some code in a worksheet or thisworkbook before it returned true.

After inserting a module or some code in thisworkbook it returned true and
when all of it was removed/deleted it returned false.



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