Printing to Journal Note Writer or One Note

Printing to Journal Note Writer or One Note

Post by UkFUNT » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 04:24:00

We have been having issues printing to Journal Note Writer or One Note from
our HP 2730p Tablets. We have Windows XP Tablet installed, Office 2007, and
they are running on a wireless network through a WLAN controller and the
Servers are all Winows Server 2003R2 Enterprise edition.

We do have a software restriction policy in place that only allows the users
to run programs from the Program Files directory, Win32 directory, and any
other directory we needed to add that particular programs had to have.

I am not sure where Journal Note Writer or One Note is trying to run from,
but it appears to be a rights issue as an administrator has no problem
printing to these two printers.

I would like to know what directory or files I need to add to the software
restriction policy to allow our students to print to these two printers.

Thanks for your help

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