Printing & upside down L's in lower case

Printing & upside down L's in lower case

Post by Sharo » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 11:09:58

My printer will not print the last 5 reports. This machine
is only 3months old. It is a Lexmark x74-x75. Also when
I was trying to type a letter all the lower case l's were
upside down. I have checked all cables, plugged and
unplugged. Please help!

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Several display drivers offer the "rotate" option. Sounds like your screen
has been rotated 180 degrees. Try a right click on the desktop and select
properties to bring up display settings. Look around under Settings and
Settings>Advanced for the option to rotate the screen back to normal

NOTE: Often there are "hotkeys" associated with the rotate function. An
unsuspecting user pressing those hotkeys will be surprised by a rotated
screen. When you uncover the location of the rotation settings, you may
also find a setting that enables/disables the hotkeys. Adjust this to your

Sharon F
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

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