Problems printing with HP OfficeJet V40

Problems printing with HP OfficeJet V40

Post by Joseph Wa » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 02:37:35

I have tried to install the HP WinXP driver for my
newly bought notebook Fujitsu Lifebook, with Crusoe
800MHz, 256MB RAM, & 30GB HD, with WinXP home edition
preloaded, connecting to the officejet v40.

However, always problems in printing any documents
continuously. Sometimes, it print a few pages, and
sometimes it print only half a page, and it always
reports errors.

(even with the A.14.04.06 & HPVSeriesDisconnectionFix

(And I have tried to re-install the drivers but the
problem has never been fixed.)

FYI, the USB ports are working fine with mouse, ***
and digital cameras. The officejet is working fine with
scanning to this notebook, but the only problem is the
printing. (FYI, the officejet v40 is working perfectly
with my other computers with only Pentium II w/ 128MB
RAM, Win98.)

Can somebody pls provide me some solutions?

Problems printing with HP OfficeJet V40

Post by MS-M » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 01:42:21

Did you do a complete uninstall as per %20One.htm

If you did not include Step 4, XP is still using the old drivers.