hp deskjet tray icon program hpztsb01.exe

hp deskjet tray icon program hpztsb01.exe

Post by garet » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 08:27:40

I have installed the XP drivers for an HP 990 deskjet
printer onto an hp pavilion running XP. Each time any user
logs on to the PC the program hpztsb01.exe starts up and
grabs 99% CPU.

Is there a fix for this other that uninstallign teh
software and using a different printer/driver?

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Hi. I got linux redhat-9. I bought an HP deskjet 3550 and I have never been
able to print from linux.

When I try to print I got "media tray empty".

I searched out there and found some hints and I read linuxprinting web site,
so I turned cups debug on. First I saw there was a foomatic-rip file missing ,
so I upgraded to the fedora foomatic. and some of my packages, but it keeps

Then I upgraded the kernel to 2.6.6 with no luck.

This is the output from cups:

d [02/May/2004:19:22:25 +0200] ProcessIPPRequest: Adding fd 8 to OutputSet...
d [02/May/2004:19:22:25 +0200] WriteClient: Removing fd 8 from OutputSet...
D [02/May/2004:19:22:25 +0200] [Job 15] LPGETSTATUS returned a port status of 18...
W [02/May/2004:19:22:25 +0200] [Job 15] Media tray empty!
I [02/May/2004:19:22:25 +0200] [Job 15] Sending print file, 8192 bytes...

This is:
kernel version 2.4.20-30.9 or kernel-2.6.6

I found many people complaining like this but no solution. I digged
linuxprinting.org and many other sites unsuccessfully.

Please any hint would be appreciated. thank you very much.

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