Wireless Network Printing - Can't "Print Offline" Anymore?

Wireless Network Printing - Can't "Print Offline" Anymore?

Post by RXJyZWRtZW » Mon, 02 May 2005 12:16:04

I have a WinXP WiFi laptop I use at home and on the road, and when I'm at
home I print to my Win2000 shared printer, which works fine.

When I'm away from home, of course the printer is not availble (which I
expect), but I don't seem able to "print offline" and have the documents
saved in an off-line spool so that when I am back at home, the network can
re-connect the printer and print my documents.

This used to be something available in Win98 (as I last remember it), so
that if the netowrk was down or disconnected, you could still print to your
local queue and have the files print when the network was back.

Does anyone know how to do this now in WinXP?