Windows XP Pro keeps changing the Printer Port for network printer

Windows XP Pro keeps changing the Printer Port for network printer

Post by QmlsbCB » Mon, 14 Mar 2005 01:21:02

We are running Windows 2000 server and 1 of 6 computers running Windows XP is
constantly changing the port address of a shared network printer. It is set
to connect to the \\servername\printername as opposed to connecting to the
Jetdirect port on the HP Jetdirect printserver. We have contacted HP and they
don't know the reason it is doing this. I believe it maybe a Windows problems
on this PC but do not know where to start to find the solution. Any help you
can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I have an hp1012 on USB001 and an Epson Stylus Photo 870 on USB003, both of
which are described as virtual printer ports in the printer's Properties.
Both printers print work fine. I also see an unused USB002 described as
"Local port". (Don't ask me how I ended up with this arrangement - I can't
really tell you.)

What is the difference between a USB local port and a USB virtual printer
port? Should the printers be assigned to virtual printer ports?

I am trying to gain some understanding of what is going on because of a
related problem, and that is that my scanning software (Microtek ScanWizard)
tells me that no printer drivers are installed, so I cannot use the copy
function. Nobody else to be complaining about this problem. I am running
WinXP SP1 on a plain ol' Dell 4500.

Any guesses as to what the scanning software might be looking at to
determine whether printer drivers are installed? I have uninstalled and
reinstalled the scanner and printers and related software so many time that
I have lost count. I am using the latest versions of scanner and printer

Sure will appreciate any help.

Robert Leavitt

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