Installing HP 3100 LJ on network

Installing HP 3100 LJ on network

Post by sluchin » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 02:07:56

I have an HP 3100 that I want to share with other computers on my home
network. I know that the 3100 was not designed to be shared, but that
some have been able to do it successfully. My question is: is there a
way to install the drivers without having to install the whole
JetSuite program? I don't need the fax & scanning software on the
other computers. I have tried to install the software and it will
install, but then I can never seem to print to the 3100 from a
networked computer.

thanks for any help

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My LJ3100 recently started reporting the following error:
'The device attached to COM2 is not a HP LaserJet 3100. This device is not
supported." It will also sometimes report that another device is using

The problem is that I don't have anything connected to COM2, and it isn't
listed in the hardware devices.

I have uninstalled the JetSuite software, deleted the printer, fax and
document capture in the Printers folder, removed all known references to
JetSuite in Windows Registry, and reinstalled. I still get the error.

I suspect it may be related to some recent Windows update because this
printer and fax software have been working perfectly on the same Windows XP
Pro SP2 computer for over a year until now. I usedthe XP software CD for
the installation .

Has anyone else seen this problem and/or have a solution?


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