Name of print job files printer on shared printer

Name of print job files printer on shared printer

Post by Zdravk » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 22:41:11


Can somebody explain the rules Windows XP uses to give
names for the spool files of shared printers in
\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers directory .
I know how Win NT and 2K make this.
(Example) job ID 36 spool file is named '00036.spl'
But in the XP, print job files spooled after network
printing (from other PC) are named for example
FP00000.spl, or some else..
In other word I'm looking for the relation between
job's ID# and it's spool file name..


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I am trying to find out if something is possible and if so, how I can
do this. I want to be able to print to a shared printer on my home
network. The catch is, sometimes this printer is off and I simply
want the job to print whenever the printer gets turned on but I may
not be able to wait around until this happens. I thought I could fix
this by sharing my printer which is physically attached to Computer A
to my server, Computer B and then taking the shared enumeration of
that on Computer B and sharing it to my laptop C. The way it is
supposed to work is that when I'm ready to print something I want the
others on my home network to see, I print to my Server(Computer B)
from my laptop (C) and the job stays in the spooler on (B) until
Computer A, (the print server where the printer is physically
attached) gets turned on. Soon after Computer A joins the network,
the printer then spits out the document I originally intended to be
printed. This is even though I may be away from the network by this

Is this possible? If so how would I achieve this?
One possible idea I had was to create ".prn" files and then use a
script to run and check for the presence of these files, and if it
finds them, printing them. What I'm doing seems like I'm reinventing
the wheel but I will do this if the above cannot be accomplished with
standard windows configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

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