network printer stopped working

network printer stopped working

Post by DLKS » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 05:35:41

I don't know whether this belongs in the "remote desktop"
group or the "printing" group, so I'm posting it in
both... I have an HP laser printer that's a network
printer thru use of an HP jetdirect card. It was
installed using an old computer, which I have been using
for the past 5 months as the client in a remote desktop
configuration. Recently I reinstalled the basic (i.e. pre-
SP1) Windows XP Office program on this computer, using
the "update" command, and deleted "guest" from the list of
permitted users.

Now I can't access the computer via Remote Desktop (it
keeps telling me my passwords are invalid but I know that
they are not), and I also can't PRINT through the HP
network printer. When I look at "My Network Places" the
HP computer is shown as a shared computer connected
through my old computer. I think these two things (remote
desktop / printing) are related but I don't know how.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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We have multiple servers that we use remote desktop to connect to and
multiple users across the company that use these servers. We would like to
be able to configure the local machines network printers to be available when
connected to TS. We have the ability to connect to printers connected to
LPT1 but the problem is with nearly 500 users they can't all have local
printers. I know a lot of people recommend setting up the network printer on
the server, however we want to avoid that because we have over 15 network
printers in the home office and many others in field offices throughout the
country and don't want to set them all up on the server under each users
login. I have done some research but so far have not found a solution to
this so thought I would post here and see if anyone has done it or knows for
sure there is no way to do it.

Thank You

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