"Win32_Processor: WMI: Access denied" and "Win32_OperatingSystem: WMI: Access denied

"Win32_Processor: WMI: Access denied" and "Win32_OperatingSystem: WMI: Access denied

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I have worked with MS on this issue and we were able to resolve thi

In a managed environment, you will need to modify your group polic
settings for WMI, SMS Agent Host, and SMS Remote Control Agen
services. Add Authenticated Users and give them READ permissions.
Worked like a charm.

The problem is likely due to GPO Restricted Group affecting the SM
Agent Host Service. If a policy is defined in Computer Configuration
Windows Settings | Security Settings | System Services | SMS Agen
Host, I would consider adding uthenticated UsersRead, as well. I
any policies are defined under System Services, they will likel
needthis alteration, as XP SP2 addresses a service impersonatio

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I hope this is the appropiate place for this?
I'm getting an access denied error on the code below, particularly the
I'm running on WXP SP2, in VS2003 Enterprise.
I have the WMI Extensions for VS .NET 2003 installed and cannnot access the
any WMI objects from server explorer.
I've found serveral links on the web refering to the wmimgmt.msc which when
I open also give "access denied"

System.Management.WqlObjectQuery oq=new
System.Management.WqlObjectQuery("Select * from WIN32_ACCOUNT");

System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new

foreach (System.Management.ManagementObject share in searcher.Get())
sb.Text=string.Format("User: = ", share["Name"]);


3. You were denied access because: Access denied by access control li

4. You were denied access because: Access denied by access control list.


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