VPN connection with XP home

VPN connection with XP home

Post by Ken » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 10:03:42

I am trying to set my xp box to accept vpn connections
thru a D-link 614+ router,with luck.I have created the
connection with the wizard xp provides but cannot secure a
connection.I can connect remotelly to my router and ping
my router but cannot get thru the router.Tips from anyone
would be welcome. D-links support is worthless .

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My Belkin router only accepts VPN IPSec through port 500 UDP (does not act
as a VPN server, just redirects the requests to a PC on the internal
network). I'm trying to setup a Windows XP Pro SP2 VPN server (IPSec) and a
Windows XP Home SP2 VPN client (IPSec), so I can connect to my home network
(peer-to-peer, no server) from a laptop while out.
I've read some articles on the net that one can either use certificates or
preshared keys.
My questions are:
Where do I get a certificate from? All the articles I've read on the web
reffer to getting a certificate from a Windows Server (which I do not have).
Is there any other simple and easy way to obtain or create a certficate on
my Windows XP Pro machine and then import it on my laptop?
I've read about preshared keys. Nothing consistent on the web. How do I
setup a preshared key with my VPN server and how do I setup one with my VPN

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