passwordless login question....

passwordless login question....

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A password is the user must be an Administrator or a member of the Remote Desktop
Users Group.


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On my FreeBSD 5.4 system I'd like to set up a "guest" account that
has no password. This way I can let people use my computer to play
games, to browse the Web or check their e-mail. Of course I don't
want the whole world to log into my computer under that account.

Is it possible to set up an account such that anyone can log into it
without password from console, yet no one can log into it from
anywhere else?

I already use ssh with AllowUsers, but that would only prevent ssh
logins. Do I have to disable this account for all services (e.g.
ftp, pop3, ...) separately? Or is there a way to say "dear
/bin/login, please let 'guest' log in rightaway if he's
from /dev/v*; anyone else, don't let 'guest' do anything"?


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