Remote off the same router

Remote off the same router

Post by Wade » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 01:57:02

I have a vacation home and a regular home. I had these connected remotely
using XP Pro at both. I brought the vacation computer home to do some
upgrades and would like to ensure when I take it back the remote is working.
So-- I have connected both computer to my Linksys router, enabled remote on
both and can get from my "vacation computer" to my home computer but not
from my home to my vacation computer. I am using the same basic login, with
the exception of passwords. Is this even possible to test out this way or
am I off base thinking that I can.

Thanks for any help.


Remote off the same router

Post by Sooner Al » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 02:18:28

To test over the local LAN use the static local LAN IP of the PC your trying
to connect to. Have you installed any firewall software on the PC you can't
connect to? Some folks also report NAV 2005 worm protection kills Remote
Desktop connectivity...

Otherwise there is some troubleshooting help on this page...


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