Port Fowarding

Port Fowarding

Post by JOe » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 09:48:11

Im trying to setup remote desktop sharing and i
understand i need to use port forwarding but i dont know
how to do that. im using win xp pro on both computers, i
sent an invite from the office comp. to my home one now
what do i do?


Port Fowarding

Post by Shenan Sta » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:10:09


Again. Unless someone is there to finish the invite, this is NOT going to
An invitation gets you to the door, someone behind the door (on the remote
computer) must OPEN and let you IN!

Use this link for the linksys..
Forward port 3389 to the remote computer.

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Port Fowarding

Post by anonymou » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:32:37

computers, i
this is NOT going to
door (on the remote

there is someone, i left the invite open for 20 hours and
now im at home accepting the invite

Port Fowarding

Post by Shenan Sta » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:03:19

Just sending the invite is not enough. This is the way Remote Assistance

Computer A - Home.
Computer B - Work.

You invite someone (in this case, yourself) to remotely assist you on
Computer B.

You get home and find the invite in your email on Computer A.

You open and run the invite on Computer A and it makes a connection on
Computer B.

A message comes up on Computer B asking the user currently using Computer B
if they would like to allow the user from Computer A to view their session
on Computer B. Notice that if no one is sitting at Computer B to say
"yes/no", Computer A does not get in.

*If* you found some insecure way of getting around the last scenario there
and got Computer B to auto-answer "yes" - you are still only in "Remote
View" mode. You cannot CONTROL Computer B from Computer A without asking
the user currently logged into Computer B permission to do so. That's
another "yes/no" question that - in your case - isn't going to be answered
by you unless you drive real fast. heh

What you want to use/setup is Remote Desktop.
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ 's_remote_desktop.htm

You need Windows XP Professional on the computer you want to remotely
CONTROL and need the client to access it on whatever computer you are
sitting on (or a web server version of the client.)

And in this case, you will still have to (if you are behind a router as you
stated before) have to forward (on the router in front of the machine you
are trying to remote into) the port 3389 (or a modified port if you set it
up) to access that machine when you use the router's IP to initiate a remote
control session. This would, in your case, require you being the admin of
the work router and for you to make the proper changes on the work router.

That also brings up the opther delima in your remote assistance attemp.. If
your machins are behind a router, they do not have actual Internet IPs.
This means your remote assistance request will be invalid to anyone not also
behind that same router, as it is sending out as "I need help at" and you get home, accept this invitation behind your other
router and it is going to look for that machine there... because
192.168.XXX.XXX is not going to get you any machine in the real world. (I
may be mistaken here, perhaps this does not work exactly like this, but
logically... it does.)

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