Changing Screen Saver

Changing Screen Saver

Post by Richar » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 19:06:28


You can replace the default logo saver by renaming another saver to

Rename Logon.scr to Logonbac.scr than pick the saver you want to use and
rename it to Logon.scr.

If you want it to be a logo than create a saver with the logo you want and
use it.

As far as I know the logo in Logon.scr cannot be changed to something else
any other way.


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I have several WinXP PCs and on some of them the User logon cannot click on
the system tray clock/calendar, and/or cannot change the screen saver power
(turn monitor off after _____) settings. I don't know where to look to change
these permissions. I've tried someone's suggested Registry tweak, but that
didn't change anything. I've looked thru the the Admin Tools - User Rights,
but I don't see anything that would have anything to do with the above.

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