File and folder sync

File and folder sync

Post by crookdanie » Fri, 09 Feb 2007 23:07:49

I work for a school which is Microsoft based and we are currently
having some MAJOR problems with file synchronisation. We have just
converted our network from 2 domains to a single domain, since this we
have been experiencing problems with laptops not being able to
synchronise offline files even though folders and HTML documents
synchronise fine. All laptops are XP Pro and the server is Windows
Server 2003 Standard edition.

Things that have been tried:
Complete repair of Windows XP.
A Fresh installation of XP
A new SID given to the laptops
Removing all profile restrictions
Un-synchronising and re-synchronising
Changing folder attributes on the server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is becoming the bane of
our lives in IT.

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I have GPO enabled folder redir and offline files. Redirection is working
I can see that I have offline files stored in the offline folder cache but
cannot sync them with our 03 server. When I attempt to sync, all I have
listed in the "Items to Sync" dialog box are offline web pages that the user
has selected to sync. How do I get the server share where my offline files
are located (My Docs in this case) to appear in the sync mgr window so I can
sync them?
I have re-initialized the cache, enabled and disabled offline files several
times to no avail.


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