sharing and security model for local accounts

sharing and security model for local accounts

Post by LF » Sat, 24 Apr 2004 02:50:24

I cannot change the "sharing and security model for local
accounts" in the security policy. I should have the
option to change this to enabled or disable but it is
dimmed and I can't change this. It currently says "not
defined". I aslo noticed that "administrator account
status" in the security policy is also "undefined" and I
cannot enable it. I am trying to log into a machine
remotely for backend installations but I can't because I
need these enabled. Can some help me???


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2. SECURITY ISSUE!-Sharing Folder security comprimised if multiple Messenger account have signed on machine.

Basically, if you have used Messenger on a system before, other people can
view the data within your sharing folders, since there is no security on
this feature.
Go to C:\documents and settings\profile name\Local Settings\application

and then click on any of those folders

Open the sharing folder subfolder within the folder.

Everytime a user signs into Messenger, a folder is created

You do not need to signin to the users Messenger account to look at the
files on their sharing folder, they are on your system and very easy to

Also, you know the name of the contacts that are on their lists, because
each contact will be a new folder.

This needs to be fixed, and fast.

Jonathan Yaniv
Microsoft Windows Live Butterfly

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