ANN: Remote ActiveSync, Windows XP VPN and the WM 2003 PPTP VPN Client

ANN: Remote ActiveSync, Windows XP VPN and the WM 2003 PPTP VPN Client

Post by Sooner A » Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:23:06

I have updated my PocketPC PPTP VPN How-To page to include the WM 2003 PPTP VPN Client. I hope some
of you find it helpful...

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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Hi there,

I am a frustrated would-be user of Windows Mobile devices. The problem
lies in the fact that no matter the device, OS version, or carrier that
I try (even Wi-Fi) - I cannot get a Windows Mobile device to connect to
my company's PPTP VPN server. Or rather, they all show that the
connection is made, but is immediately dropped after I try to connect
to any internal web pages or use ActiveSync, etc.

(FYI - I've tried connecting to my company's PPTP VPN using Macintosh
OS X, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and an iPhone: all of them work great
- only the Windows PocketPC / Mobile devices have issues).

So, here is what I've tried so far:

On AT&T (with various SIM card including that of a store manager):
1. The new Tilt (HTC TYTN II, a.k.a. 8925, a.k.a. Kaiser) - WM6
2. Siemens SX 66 - PPC2003

On Sprint:
1. Mogul.

On T-Mobile:
1. Wing

On every device, I was able to browse the Internet and set up the PPTP
VPN. However, once the VPN was connected (at least according to the
device), the connection was dropped as soon as I tried to go to a
company Intranet page.

Finally, I have spoken with my corporate IT dept. and they've said that
the VPN is a MSFT 2003 PPTP VPN using MSCHAPv2 authentication, in
strict mode (requiring all routing through that VPN for all traffic).

Any thoughts? OR do Windows Mobile devices just not work with PPTP VPNs?


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