Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Guruun » Tue, 14 Dec 2004 12:45:31

I have to keep on asking, as no replies yet, and after all,
this IS THE PLACE to get the CORRECT resoloutions, yesnp?

New PC setup 3 weeks ago, have been able to access it via
Remote Desktop AND with Remote assistance.

Behind Linksys router, DHCP assigned address
( for client PC, Firewall on PC with Remote
Desktp and Remote Assistance checked, and UPNP Framework

Upnp ON in router, etc., etc., etc.

Remember this all works, and worked until today.

Yesterday, I logged in via RDP and set his PC to use a
STATIC IP of, with appropiate Gateway
( and all relevant DNS pertaining to the ISP's

In the router, I started the DHCP pool to begin at .102, as
the other PC in his house is at .100.

Then, after all of that, I attempted to login today, no
RDP, no RA, nothing. I had him reset PC NIC (TCP/IP) to
DHCP assigned as well as DHCP Automatic, no connection.

However, once I set it all back to a static setting as
outlined above, I was able to use RDP, revied all settings,
etc., and they are as outlined above.

No Remote Assistance though.

Question is, why did it all work, then stop when I made it
static, went back to Automatically assign, still no luck,
then back to static to at least get RDP, but still no RA?

In addition, I now get the BLACK SCEEN as outlined in
MULTIPLE previous posts (when attempting to connect via
RDP, I cannot connect to his desktop, it remains a black
screen, but as stated before, if I log in as Administrator,
then log out, then log back in as the user, it works.
Point being, it all worked 100% flawlessly until last night
when I made the NIC static instead of automatic, and also
do remember, it's a new 3 week old install that all worked
100% until this occurance as outlined above.

So, overview summary is:
1> Why no RA (it is enabled in Admin Tools/Comp. Mgmt/Local
Users and Groups/Users/Remote Assistance=ENABLED on ALL PC's)

2> Why if it all worked as an automatic, then not as
static, then only RDP when switched back to an static IP,
not automatic?

3> Why the black screen login, only to be successful when
logging in as admin, the log off, then login as user?

Like I said, it all worked, now it doesn't, as outlined above.


Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Robin Walk » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 01:57:36

No, this is a forum where end-users can share experiences and help each
other out, if possible. There is no guarantee that problems will be

Rather than reposting the same questions in new threads: the better thing to
do is to keep the older threads open, by adding new facts and results as
they emerge, as a result of your investigations.

Speaking for myself, I have not attempted to respond to your previous
postings of the same questions because you have confused together far too
many things which have nothing to do with each other, and some basic
trouble-shooting is required at your end to disentangle the various symptoms
and their possible causes. You should also check on which of the problems
you pose are reproducible: if they are not reproducible, then they are not
worth pursuing very far.

Robin Walker


Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Kenneth Br » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 10:17:28

Do you have the router setup so that remote desktop goes directly to that
computer? If not use port forwarding and port 3389.

Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Guruun » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 02:46:27

YES, Port Forwarding IS setup.
directly to that


Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Guruun » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 02:49:02

As per below:
ALL basic troubleshooting has been performed MULTIPLE times.
IF you or others had taken time to review SYMPTOMS, you
would see that the SAME BASICS exist, (not going to repeat
over again, as they have been repeated multiple times, not
only by me, but several others, with the same issue(s).

your previous
together far too
some basic
the various symptoms
of the problems
then they are not

Works, Stops, Works, Stops-Repost

Post by Kenneth Br » Mon, 20 Dec 2004 08:38:13

he next thing i would try is to change the port of remote desktop.

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