Offline files synch'd to offline files

Offline files synch'd to offline files

Post by doug » Thu, 19 Jan 2006 03:12:43

I am running Server 2003 at the office and XP Pro on the laptop.

I have been synchronizing the laptop and server using Offline Files.
No problem.

Now I've introduced a home PC running XP Pro.

How do I get setup so as to keep the same synch'd files on the
the home PC??

I've tried to setup the PC to use Offline Files and synch with the
laptop. But the files on the laptop are also offline files. I haven't
figured out how to synch one set of offline files with another set of
offline files. It doesn't seem possible.

Any help please?

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Hello all,

User on laptop works with My Documents folder synchronized using
Offline Files. The Domain Controller that previously worked as the
file server and My Documents repository has crashed, and the user can
no longer login to the laptop. I can login as administrator to the
local machine, but I want to save the user's offline files (which are
now stored in the WINDOWS\CSC folder with different names). Any ideas
on how I can migrate those files, with their correct names, to another
place (like a shared drive or whatever)? I just want to get the files
with the right names--any help is greatly appreciated.

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