word 2007 can not open word files, and freezes when i try to open

word 2007 can not open word files, and freezes when i try to open

Post by U21pd » Thu, 26 Jun 2008 21:54:03

when i try to open a document by double clicking it, word trys to start, the
orange box appears then freezes and says it can not find the file...and when
i try to open word on its own it just freezes and does nothing

this has only just started to happen suddenly, it was working last night,
all the other office programs still work

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ie, no double clicking doc files to open them in word 2007. I've tried to
set my file associations, but word 2007 is not an option given to me by the
computer (not even via the browse option). I've tried repairing,
reinstalling, and have just tried re-registering, all to no avail. It's a
bit annoying to have to go through the extra steps of saving files, opening
word....you get the idea, it adds up to a lot of wasted time.

ps. I attempted to post this query earlier, but it has failed to show up,
so I apologize in advance if this becomes a duplicate post.

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